Leadership: “Would I Inspire Me?”


What’s the best way to inspire your team? This video demonstrates practical ways to make work life more meaningful, productive, and rewarding for everyone.  Read More…

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Take your leadership skills to the next level!

How can your leadership inspire a work group? What do you need to move your team to greater commitment and productivity? Surprisingly, it’s not charisma. Rather, it’s behavior that any well-intentioned leader can emulate, as this program demonstrates.

The video follows Tom, a competent manager, on his quest to find out what makes Elliot, an exceptional manager, so inspiring to his workers. First, he learns that Elliot finds what is meaningful in their work, and communicates that – in words and actions–to everyone on his team. He also publicly acknowledges the contributions of each individual. In addition, he goes above and beyond the call of duty to support his team. And finally, he treats each person as an individual with interests and goals beyond the job description. When Tom asks if all that works, Elliot responds, “If you’re sincere about it, yes.

The “Would I Inspire Me?” video program gives leaders practical ways to make work life more meaningful, productive, and inspiring for themselves and their team.

Running Time: 16 minutes

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Included with purchase of program:

  • Leader’s Guide (PDF) Comprehensive 28 page guide with materials for live training sessions
  • Reproducible Participant Workbook (PDF)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (approximately 22 slides)
  • e-Learning version includes pre-test, video presentation and post-test – more information here
  • This program may also be licensed for streaming and/or use within your LMS. We offer both hosted and self hosted delivery options – more information here