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Video Visions

Who We Are:  Video Visions is a producer and distributor of video based training.  We’re located in Los Angeles, California and we’ve been in the video training business for more than 20 years.  Our programs are available multiple formats including video streaming, e-Learning and DVDs.

Video Training:  Our specialty is leadership training, but we also deliver programs on management, customer service, teamwork, communication skills, interviewing, empowerment and virtual meetings.  We’ve developed a reputation for producing programs that are realistic, engaging and most importantly effective.  Our video based training programs are currently in use by organizations throughout the world.  Many of our programs have been translated into Spanish, French and Chinese.

Flexibility:  We deliver high quality video based training in a variety of formats. Any program may be purchased on DVD or licensed for steaming or e-Learning.  If you choose streaming or e-Learning, we can host the streaming on our server–or you may license the video training programs for use on your server or LMS.  Our programs are incredibility flexible and can work as a stand-alone training system–or you can simply use our video training to supplement your existing training.

The Future:  With the development of high quality video streaming and easier to use e-Learning technology, web based video training is becoming the most cost effective method to train employees.  No other format can reach the largest number of employee at the lowest cost.  You can now efficiently train small or large groups no matter where they are located.

Custom Video Training:  Video Visions is also available for custom video training productions.  Many organizations have the need to train employees on a unique or specific topic—or simply want the training to take place within their organization.  We have the experience and expertise to produce high quality training at a reasonable cost.  If you would like to discuss a custom video production, please give us a call and we can explore this option.

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