Moving Forward: In the aftermath of workplace trauma


This program gathers leading experts in the field of trauma, who give practical suggestions for moving forward.   Read More…

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How to recover after a workplace trauma

What is the healthy response? The emotional aspects of traumatic events are often ignored. As a result, workplace trauma can lead to low productivity, disillusionment, and resentment. Therefore, it is essential that we are prepared—physically and emotionally—for traumatic situations. This is especially relevant in today’s world where any workplace could be vulnerable.

This video gathers a group of leading experts in the field of trauma. They first explain normal reactions to trauma. Then, they provide practical steps for recovery from workplace trauma. As a result, viewers learn how to provide support to coworkers and employees. Also, they learn how to strengthen the organization after a workplace trauma. Most importantly, this is invaluable information for those directly (or indirectly) affected by traumatic incidents in the workplace. Finally, this information is critical in preparing for future physical or emotional trauma.

Running Time: 14 minutes

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