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It's true; most leaders live in a vacuum. They don't receive much feedback from the people they lead. In fact, they often have no idea how good--or bad--their leadership really is. "Leadership Feedback" is an entertaining and thought provoking video training program that provides the kind of honest feedback leaders don't normally hear.  More...Go

M O R E    L E A D E R S H I P    P R O G R A M S
Leading More with Less   Would I Follow Me?   Would I Work For Me?
"Leading More with Less" Learn to inspire employees to become more involved, engaged and productive--even in a challenging environment.
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  "Would I Follow Me?"
If you could be on the receiving end of your own leadership style, how do you think you'd answer this question: "Would I follow me?"
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  "Would I Work For Me?"
Excellent leadership training for supervisors in a manufacturing environment.
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Would I Inspire Me?   Leadership: What's Trust Got To Do With It? - 2nd Ed   Leading with Persuasion
"Would I Inspire Me?"
What's the best way to inspire your team? This video demonstrates practical ways to make work life more meaningful, productive, and rewarding for everyone.
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  "Leadership: What's Trust
Got To Do With It?"
2nd Edition

Precisely when organizations need employee involvement, trust levels are low and people are disengaged. Find out what managers and team leaders can do to regain trust.
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  "Leading with Persuasion"
These days success at every level of business depends not only on good ideas, but on the ability to communicate them. This video shows you why good ideas need somebody to lead them through the process.
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Giving Leadership Away   Leader Madness   Manging Me
"Giving Leadership Away"
This video shows you why the greatest challenge for team leaders is to let go of their work. Watch this video see how to "let go" for the benefit of everyone.
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  "Leader Madness"
Leadership is a powerful substance that can be easily abused. The key to using it wisely lies within each of us. This is the message of the entertaining video training program.
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  "Managing Me"
Do you lead with your gut…or your head? When problems arise at work, how do you react?
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C U S T O M E R    S E R V I C E    P R O G R A M S
Customer Service Gone Viral   So Help Me - Employee Edition   So Help Me - Supervisor Edition

"Customer Service Gone Viral"
You can't help but notice that almost everything we do now has a chance of being recorded, reviewed and presented to the entire planet. But there is something you can do about it.
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  "So HELP Me"
Employee Edition

This video illustrates realistic customer service problems that can frustrate both customers and employees. The video provides solutions to these problems that satisfy everyone: the customer, the organization and the employee.
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  "So HELP Me"
Supervisor Edition

This video takes a fresh look at customer service by showing the direct connection between a supervisor's behavior and the way employees treat customers.
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            T E A M W O R K                        E M P O W E R M E N T                        M E E T I N G S
Teamwork: What's Trust Got To Do With It?   Win Teams: How One Company Made Empowerment Work   The Invisible Meeting
What's Trust Got To Do With It?"

Lack of trust is one of the main impediments to effective teamwork. This video training program demonstrates how to build and maintain trust among team members.
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  "Win Teams:
How One Company
Made Empowerment Work"

This video demonstrates how an employee involvement program transformed a company. The real people involved--workers, supervisors, and managers--recreate the dramatic story of how they turned their company around.
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  "The Invisible Meeting"
This video demonstrates 6 effective techniques for making your conference calls more productive. This engaging program reveals the challenges and the virtual rules that both participants and meeting organizers need to know.
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